Regulating Reproductive Frontiers

Date/Time: Mon 30 Oct / 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Location: S801, Building S, Level 8, Monash Caulfield Campus

Monash Bioethics Centre and School of Social Sciences (SoSS)


Regulating Reproductive Frontiers: Roundtable

The rapid development of reproductive technologies in the past decade or so has led to a plethora of ways in which the once ‘natural’ process of reproduction has become a target of regulatory attention. In this workshop, questions about the legitimacy of regulating reproduction are addressed through considering cutting edge technologies in the field of reproductive medicine, such as IVF, PGD and PGS, prenatal screening, mitochondrial replacement therapy, and the donation of reproductive tissues. These technologies are the topics of much debate in contemporary bioethics and associated fields such as sociology of reproduction and health law. This workshop takes an interdisciplinary approach to these issues, and involves scholars from across the fields of philosophy, bioethics, and law.

Prof. Bonnie Steinbock (Albany); Dr Karinne Ludlow (Monash); Assoc. Prof Ainsley Newson (Sydney); Prof. Anita Stuhmcke (UTS); Dr Michelle Taylor-Sands (Melb); Dr Ryan Tonkens (Monash).

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Monday 30th October

9:40am – 4:30pm

S8.01, Level 8, Building S
Caulfield Campus

For more information, please contact Catherine Mills on 9905 3207.

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