Monash European and EU Centre – Economic Prospects of the European Union

Date/Time: Wed 02 Nov / 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Location: Lecture Theatre H2.37. Building H, Level 2

Monash European and EU Centre

Economic Prospects of the European Union

A Lecture of the Monash European and EU Centre

Keynote Speaker: Dr Andrzej Rzońca

Economic growth in the EU since the outbreak of the Global Financial Crisis has been slower than in other developed countries, including the USA. Dr Rzonca will overview the factors responsible and argue that they lie more on the supply than the demand side. He will identify threats to Europe’s long-term stability and analyse risks posed by emergent anti-market political parties. He will trace this development to a divergence among countries of “old” Europe and the slowdown of convergence among the new member states, as well as tendencies arising from income disparities and the reduction of mobility between income groups.

Dr Andrzej  Rzońca, is an adjunct professor at the Chair of International Comparative Studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. In 2010-2016 he was member of the Monetary Policy Council of the National Bank of Poland and, prior to this, an advisor to the President of the National Bank of Poland, vice president of the Civil Development Forum, associate of the Centre for Social and Economic Research, chief economist at Altus TFI, and member of the Supervisory Boards of various companies. His scholarly publications are the fields of public finance, monetary policy, labour market and economic growth.

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