Monash Anthropology Film Association – 2017 Film Screenings

Date/Time: Wed 01 Mar - Wed 03 May / 12:00 am

Location: Room E457, 4th Floor, Menzies Building, Clayton Campus

Monash Anthropology Film Association presents

2017 Film Screenings 

Culture. Diversity. Film.

Savage Memory by Zachary Stewart
Wed 1 March, 12pm
The great grandson of famed Anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski revisits the Trobriand Islands in PNG to investigate the controversial legacy his grandfather left behind.

Sokola Rimba (The Jungle School) by Riri Riza
Wed 22 March, 12pm
Based on Butet Manuring’s memoirs, this is the story of her struggles to empower indigenous Indonesian people to save their home from deforestation as globalisation sets in.

A Kind of Childhood by Kyātharina Māsuda
Wed 12 April, 12pm
A glimpse into child labour in third world Bangladesh, this film documents children’s daily struggles and their dreams. Is work just a normal part of growing up?

Jalanan by Daniel Ziv
Wed 3 May, 12pm
Street music, prison, politics, sex, love, corruption, rice fields, and globalisation in urban Jakarta.

Menzies Building (20 Chancellors Walk) 4th Floor, East Wing, Room E457

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