MFJ – Public Service Media and the future of digital content

Date/Time: Mon 31 Jul / 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Location: Building S, Level 9 Monash University Caulfield Campus

Media Matters Seminar Series 2017

Welcome to Media Matters, the School of Media, Film and Journalism seminar series. Media increasingly shapes cultures, industries, markets and values in different ways, in a time when understandings of news, media entertainment and media work experience profound shifts. Media Matters is a forum designed to explore contemporary debates and challenges of current media landscapes, employing combinations of media disciplines, expertise and industries.

Public Service Media and the future of digital content

Chair: Associate Professor Fay Anderson (MFJ)
Dr Colleen Murrell (MFJ)
Associate Professor Mia Lindgren (MFJ)
Gavan Morris (ABC, News Division)

A series of media redundancies, particularly those at Fairfax publications, has prompted the setting up of a Senate committee to examine the future of ‘public interest journalism’ in Australia. At the ABC 200 jobs are scheduled to disappear by June. Meanwhile, Managing Director Michelle Guthrie has said that an injection of funds up to $15 million per annum will finance ‘more reporters and content makers, better tools and expanded digital and video output’. Guthrie also spoke about increasing ‘digital storytelling in news’ and claimed that ABC Regional would recruit up to ‘80 new content roles’ before September 2018.

So, what is this exciting new ‘digital content’ and will it be driven by quality or quantity? The ABC’s Director of News, Gaven Morris, is joining us to discuss the challenge of newsgathering in these financially straitened, but digitally interesting times. Colleen Murrell will talk about similar challenges in public service media elsewhere – namely the UK and Canada. Mia Lindgren will look at how podcasting is blurring the lines between journalism and program content, as long-form journalism evolves in public service radio.

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