Explaining the Rise of Diaspora Institutions

Date/Time: Thu 16 Nov / 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Location: Room N202, Menzies Building, Monash University

School of Social Sciences (SOSS)


Explaining the Rise of Diaspora Institutions

Origin-state institutions dedicated to emigrants and their descendants have been largely unnoticed by mainstream political studies even though diaspora institutions are now found in over half the countries of the world. In response, we first develop alternative theories explaining diaspora institution emergence. They emerge to: ‘tap’ diasporas for resources vital to origin-state development and security; ‘embrace’ diasporas to help define origin-state political identity and achieve domestic political goals; or ‘govern’ diasporas in ways that demonstrate origin-state adherence to global norms. Second, we investigate empirical support for these tapping, embracing and governing explanations in regression and related analyses of diaspora institution emergence in 113 origin states observed from 1992-2012. Findings suggest support for all three perspectives with more robust evidentiary support for governing. Our analyses suggest several directions for future research on how and why diaspora institutions emerge for different origin-state purposes. Join newly-hired Monash University Professor Alan Gamlen and University of Minnesota Professor Paul M. Vaaler as they summarize findings from this study now forthcoming in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies and discuss current projects building on the JEMS article.

Alan Gamlen recently joined Monash University as Associate Professor in Human Geography. He received his Doctorate from the University of Oxford as a New Zealand Bright Future Scholar. Alan’s research focuses on human migration and ethnicity, with special interests in the governance of international migration, diasporas and transnationalism. He is author of some 50 articles, book chapters and working papers in a range of journals. He has co-published several books and special issues, and he is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the journal Migration Studies.

Paul M. Vaaler is Professor at the University of Minnesota and works in both the Department of Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship at the Carlson School of Management and the Law School. His research interests lie at the intersection of business, law and politics:  understanding long-term performance stability trends and their competition policy implications for firms; understanding how migrants from developing countries remit money and ideas to fund, found and grow new businesses; and how elections change the attractiveness of new democracies for lending and investment. Paul has authored and edited books and published numerous journal articles in a variety of academic journals. He has consulted to firms, government agencies and international organisations and hosts a regular radio segment.

Thursday 16 Nov

TIME 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Monash University
Room N202,
(Menzies Building) 20 Chancellors Walk,
Clayton Campus

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