Facing domestic violence against women in Brazil: Advances and challenges

Date/Time: Wed 05 Apr / 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Location: Room N202, Menzies Building, Monash University

Criminology Seminar Series 2017

This presentation aims to offer a critical overview of the Brazilian legal framework for confronting domestic violence against women. While in Australia there is at least one woman killed in the context of intimate partner violence per week, in Brazil there are four deaths per day. In 2006 after Brazil’s international conviction by the Organization of American States, the Maria da Penha Law (MPL) was passed. The new law introduced integrated polices and transformed criminal procedures to deal with the complexities of gender violence. Reforms included the establishment of the House of Brazilian Women, Women-only Police Stations, Specialized Courts, intervention orders, interdisciplinary experts, and perpetrators’ programs. In 2016, a new law created the crime of femicide, designed to prevent “honor killings” defenses in cases of intimate partner homicide and denouncing the gender discrimination that had often led to impunity for perpetrators of femicide. Despite law reform, structuring and articulating the network of services remains a challenge. The MPL led to great social change in Brazil regarding awareness of the violence against women, challenging the traditional view that family violence is a private matter and facilitating a broader discussion about gender equality.

Thiago Pierobom de Avila is an associate researcher in the Institute for Criminal Law and Science (IDPCC) of the Law Faculty of University of Lisbon (FDUL) and a Senior Prosecutor in the Office of the General Attorney of the Federal District in Brazil, where he served from 2013 to 2016 as the Chair of the Human Rights Office. He is a member of several Brazilian national boards in the family violence field, as well as Professor in the postgraduate program of Foundation FESMPDFT (Brasilia) and has lectured at many public and private institutions in Brazil. He has extensively researched and worked in the fields of gender violence, crimes against children, racism, oversight of law enforcement and police accountability. His recent Australian Awards Endeavour Fellowship focuses on prevention of intimate partner violence. His Doctor of Laws is from University of Lisbon.

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