Conference: Cultural Economy — The Next Generation

Date/Time: Thu 21 Nov - Fri 22 Nov / 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Location: Monash Law Chambers

21-22 November 2013

Monash Law Chambers, 555 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

This conference seeks possibilities for a new policy agenda for the cultural economy, defined broadly as that set of practices, institutions and ‘imaginaries’ involved in the production and consumption of culture. The easy, “win-win” links made between culture and economy are no longer so straightforward in a post-GFC, climate-changing world. Rather than seeking ‘economic impact’, a radical agenda for the cultural economy might re-assert its ethical-political imperative to challenge the injustices and dysfunctions of the ‘economic’. How might new approaches to the cultural economy help us re-frame cultural policy for the next decade?


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Day One:

9.00 am – 9.30 am: Welcome

9.30 am – 10.30 am

Keynote Speaker

Professor David Hesmondhalgh, University of Leeds:

Towards a Moral Economy of Culture

 10.30 am – 11.00 am: Tea/Coffee

Conference Panels:

 11.00 am – 1.00 pm

What Is the Cultural Economy? (Chair: Professor Graeme Turner)

Professor Chris Gibson (University of Wollongong)

Associate Professor Mark Gibson (Monash University)

Professor Justin O’Connor (Monash University)

1.00 pm – 2.00 pm: Lunch

2.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Cultural Work (Chair: Professor David Hesmondhalgh)

Dr Scott Brook (University of Canberra)

Dr Susan Luckman (University of South Australia)

Professor Brett Nielson (University of Western Sydney)

Dr Xin Gu (University of Melbourne)


Day Two

9.30 am – 10.30 am

Keynote Speaker

Marcus Westbury, Renew Australia:

Enabling Culture or Creativity?

10.30 am — 11.00 am: Tea/Coffee

Conference Panels

11.00 am – 1.00 pm

Urban Cultural Economies (Chair: Associate Professor Mark Gibson)

Dr Geoff Stahl (Victoria University, Wellington)

Professor Deborah Stevenson (University of Western Sydney)

Dr Kate Shaw University of Melbourne)

Professor Ned Rossiter (University of Western Sydney)

 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm: Lunch 

2.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Politics and Policies (Chair: Professor Justin O’Connor)

Associate Professor Shane Homan (Monash University)

Dr Lachlan McDowall (University of Melbourne)

Professor Tom O’Regan (University of Queensland)

Emeritus Professor Graeme Turner (University of Queensland)


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