Cine Latino Film Festival 2017

Event Date: Thu 16 Nov - Wed 29 Nov

Sponsored by Monash Arts, the Cine Latino Film Festival Brings together the best new films from Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Cuba, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Guatemala and Puerto Rico.

2017 Film, Media, Journalism and Communication Symposium

S801, Building S, Level 8, Monash Caulfield Campus
Event Date: Mon 20 Nov

Encompassing research from areas of study as diverse as social media and society to exploring cultural diversity, this symposium provides a snapshot of the exciting current and future research being conducted in Film, Media, Journalism and Communications at Monash University.

HDR Seminar & Workshop: Differentiation (and Some Discrimination) in Research and Careers That Span Disciplines

Room E457, 4th Floor, Menzies Building, Clayton Campus
Event Date: Mon 20 Nov

Academic career paths tend to be discipline-oriented, but some of the most interesting research questions span multiple disciplines, especially in professional schools such as law, business and public affairs. How do graduate students and early-career faculty balance the need for disciplinary rigor with a yen for broader research relevance, novelty and impact? Join Professor Vaaler from the University of Minnesota’s Law School for a discussion of when and how to juggle the two for specific research projects and more generally across a career that might have several institutional affiliations.

Building Bridges: Academia and Business

Queen’s College
Event Date: Mon 20 Nov

Building Bridges is an excellent opportunity to learn from a panel of experts discussing how academia and businesses can improve the ways they work together.

Screening of Songs of Revolution (2017) with Intro by Adrian Martin and Q&A with the Filmmaker

Monash University, Building B, Theatrette B537, 900 Dandenong Road, Caulfield Campus
Event Date: Wed 22 Nov

Melbourne indie filmmaker Bill Mousoulis’ foray into Greek radical music, its songs of resistance, pain, and sorrow.

Ethics and Genetic Editing of Human Embryos

State Library Victoria / Village Roadshow Theatrette
Event Date: Thu 23 Nov

Is it ethical to use a technology with unknown effects in the remote future? Might a technology developed to prevent or cure disease be used for enhancement purposes, and if so, would that be wrong? In this lecture, Professor Steinbock will explore the ethical issues related to the prospect of editing the genetics of future generations of humans.

Why Civil Resistance Still Works

Room E457, 4th Floor, Menzies Building, Clayton Campus
Event Date: Mon 27 Nov

The Department of Politics and International Relations is pleased to welcome Erica Chenoweth, one of the world’s leading scholars of political violence and non-violent alternatives to Monash University. She will share some of her ongoing research in a talk titled “Why Civil Resistance Still Works.”

Representing Infirmity: Diseased Bodies in Renaissance and Early Modern Italy, International Conference

Monash University Prato Centre
Event Date: Wed 13 Dec - Fri 15 Dec

This conference represents the first analysis of how diseased bodies were represented in Italy during the ‘long Renaissance’, from the early 1400s through ca. 1650.

The Radio Conference 2018: A Transnational Forum

Monash University Prato Centre
Event Date: Tue 10 Jul - Fri 13 Jul

The Monash University School of Media, Film and Journalism, in association with local and international committees and the MeCCSA Radio Studies Network, is pleased to host the 9th Radio Conference: A Transnational Forum in Prato, Italy, 10-13 July 2018. Hosted at Monash University’s Prato Centre, the conference takes inspiration from its location in Italy and the ‘Free Radio’ movement’s push for greater access to media.