Resilient Women Against Prejudice Motivated Crimes & the Parenting for Peace Project

Menzies Building 11 Room N402
Event Date: Mon 19 Mar

Resilient Women Against Prejudice Motivated Crimes & the Parenting for Peace Project

‘Recognition of competition’ vs ‘the will to app’ in Australian digital sexual health promotion targeting young people

Monash University, Room N502, (Menzies Building) 20 Chancellors Walk
Event Date: Thu 22 Mar

This presentation draws on case studies of successful (and innovative) communication approaches, drawn from popular news and entertainment-focused digital media platforms including The New York Times, Vice Media, and Upworthy.

Sanctions and Staying Power: North Korea in 2018

Monash University, Room E561, (Menzies Building) 20 Chancellors Walk, Clayton Campus
Event Date: Thu 22 Mar

This talk will provide a sketch of the current iteration of the North Korean nuclear issue, examining its impact on both domestic social and economic change, as well as North Korea's international relations.

Teaching 'Asia and Australia's Engagement with Asia' in primary education: a comparative analysis of different states' curriculum

Room E365, Menzies Building, Clayton Campus
Event Date: Fri 23 Mar

This paper will comparatively analyse the relevant curriculum contents of cross-curriculum priority Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia from different States and Territories curriculums in Australia.

The German ethnographic expeditions to the Kimberley, Northwest Australia 1938/9, 1954/5

Monash University, Menzies Building, Room E561
Event Date: Fri 23 Mar

In this seminar I want to discuss a range of aspects of an ongoing project that is aimed at developing a systematic and collaborative assessment of the materials related to the German ethnographic expeditions to the Northwest Kimberley.

Marriage, Gender and Islam in Indonesia: Women Negotiating Informal Marriage, Divorce and Desire

S901 Monash University
Event Date: Wed 28 Mar

In this seminar, Maria discusses the key ideas behind her book Marriage, Gender and Islam in Indonesia: Women Negotiating Informal Marriage, Divorce and Desire, which draws upon ethnographic case studies from the eastern Indonesian island of Lombok.

Building a Global Bookshelf: Asian Classics for the Nineteenth-Century, General Reader

Room N502, 5th Floor, Building 11
Event Date: Thu 29 Mar

My current project explores the production of popular or ‘people’s editions’ of classical literature from Asia, and seeks to explain how—in the course of the nineteenth century—texts that were hitherto the preserve mainly of scholars and imperial administrators were distributed to typical drawing-room shelves in Britain, America, Australia and the wider empire.

Melbourne Jewish Book Week

Event Date: Thu 03 May - Tue 08 May

This year’s program will bring together writers and book lovers, and as before, will showcase prominent and emerging Australian and international authors who are either Jewish or explore Jewish themes in their work.

Young People and Everyday Peace in Colombia

Monash University, Room N402, (Menzies Building) 20 Chancellors Walk, Clayton Campus
Event Date: Tue 08 May

This exploration is grounded in the stories of young people who live in an informal peri-urban community on the southern edge of Colombia´s capital Bogotá in a state of ongoing marginalisation by the state and insecurity from gangs.

The Melbourne Metropolitan Korean Studies Seminar Series: The South Korean Film Industry

Monash Univesity, Sir Matheson Library, T4 CL 44Exh (43)
Event Date: Thu 10 May

South Korean cinema has been one of the most striking case studies of non-western cinema success stories in the age of the neo-liberal world order where Hollywood dominates the world’s mind, heart, and soul.

So What? Jazz and Improvised Music Research and its Impact on Artists, Scenes and Society

Paris Cat Jazz Club
Event Date: Fri 01 Jun - Sun 03 Jun

So What? is a timely invitation to explore the impact of jazz and improvisation research on artists and communities of practice and the way we put jazz and improvisation knowledge to work in a variety of different fields and settings.

The Gender Diversity in Music Making Conference

Monash University Performing Arts Complex, building 68
Event Date: Fri 06 Jul - Sun 08 Jul

This three-day conference will focus on the music of composers and performers who identify as female or non-binary in gender across the composition and performance of all styles of composition, improvisation, songwriting, installation, film music, jazz, classical, pop, experimental, noise and world music’s.

The Radio Conference 2018: A Transnational Forum

Monash University Prato Centre
Event Date: Tue 10 Jul - Fri 13 Jul

The Monash University School of Media, Film and Journalism, in association with local and international committees and the MeCCSA Radio Studies Network, is pleased to host the 9th Radio Conference: A Transnational Forum in Prato, Italy, 10-13 July 2018. Hosted at Monash University’s Prato Centre, the conference takes inspiration from its location in Italy and the ‘Free Radio’ movement’s push for greater access to media.