Transitioning to a New World Order: More Turbulence Ahead

A special AIIAV luncheon event.  

Prof. Alan Dupont, Director, Institute for International Security and Development, University of NSW 

Wednesday 22 May, 2013
12 noon for 12.15pm – 2pm
At Dyason House
124 Jolimont Road East, Melbourne Victoria 

(Bookings essential by Friday 17 May)

At the end of the Cold War, President George Herbert Walker Bush famously declared the beginning of a new world order in which the rules of international politics and economics would be determined by a dominant United States.  Bush was right about a new world order, but his assumption that the 21st Century would be an American century is very much open to question as multiple, alternative centres of power emerge to erode the foundations of Pax Americana.  Today there are numerous challenges to US pre-eminence and resource constraints on the power of all states.  How will these geopolitical and resource trends play out in the decades ahead?  How will the United States (and Australia) deal with the seemingly inexorable rise of China, what is the significance of the United States’ pivot towards Asia and how should we respond?

Alan Dupont is Professor of International Security at the University of New South Wales and a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Lowy Institute for International Policy.  He was previously the foundation Michael Hintze Professor of International Security at the University of Sydney and CEO of the US Studies Centre.  Professor Dupont holds a PhD in International Relations from the Australian National University and is a graduate of the Royal Military College, Duntroon, and the US Foreign Service Institute.  He has worked on Australian defence and Asian security issues for more than thirty years as a strategist, diplomat, policy analyst and scholar and has published extensively academically and in the media.  During his time in government he served in the Departments of Defence and Foreign Affairs and Trade, which included postings with the Australian embassies in Seoul and Jakarta.  He has also worked as a freelance journalist in South America.

Professor Dupont is an Australian representative to the ASEAN Regional Forum’s Register of Experts and Eminent Persons, and a member of the Indonesia-Australia Defence Alumni Senior Advisory Group.  He is also the Strategic Advisor to the Board of Outcomes Australia and is a board member of CQS, a leading global hedge fund.  Professor Dupont previously served on the board of Army’s Land Warfare Studies Centre and was a member of the Foreign Affairs Council (an advisory body to the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade), the Australian Defence Minister’s Defence and National Security Advisory Council, and the Council of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.  He was also a special advisor on foreign policy and national security to East Timor’s former President, Jose Ramos Horta. 

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