Professional Development for Teachers

In December 2010, the Monash European and EU Centre (MEEUC) offered its first ever professional development day for high school teachers.

We invited VCE and IB subject specialists, particularly those responsible for teaching students in Years 11 and 12 in areas of history, international studies, and European languages, to the session on Incorporating Europe into Senior Years of High School. 

The event was co-organized with the Australian Institute of International Affairs Victoria (AIIAV) and the History Teachers Association of Victoria (HTAV). It attracted sixteen teachers from top high schools in Melbourne and beyond, working in the areas of history and international studies. The session was envisaged to:

  • enable Monash University to share knowledge that is relevant to, and will assist in the teaching of, the VCE and IB curricula;
  • open up discussions in these areas between university academics and teachers;
  • contribute towards the teachers’ professional development requirements.

The morning program addressed the following themes:

History in the new National Curriculum discussed by Annabel Astbury, Executive Director,  HTAV

The Cold War re-visited: Europe in the new National Curriculum including Planning for Peace during World War II – American Plans for Post-War Europe presented by Prof Pascaline Winand (MEEUC), European responses to American ideas: From Franco-German reconciliation to the EU by Dr Natalie Doyle (MEEUC), and The End of the Cold War: Europe Lures the World by Dr Eva Polonska (MEEUC).

The afternoon covered Globalisation and Internationalism, with Challenges of Teaching International Studies in High School by Loui Spanos, Melbourne Girls Grammar School, AIIAV and Europe as a Laboratory for the Study of Globalization by Dr Polonska.