May 2012: Monash University Library Fellowships

A new Fellowships scheme is being launched in 2012 to increase access to some of Monash University Library’s special collections by providing up to A$10,000 in non-salary funding for visiting researchers to work with the Library’s special collections. It is anticipated that the grant will be used for travel, accommodation or other project-related expenses.

Applications are invited from researchers, academic staff, postgraduate students and independent scholars. Monash University staff and students are not eligible to apply.

The Library holds a number of special collections. Three of these collections are the focus of this scheme:

Rare Books Collection
Asian Studies Resources Collection
Music and Multimedia Collection

Further details about the Library Fellowship scheme are available in the information sheet.

Awardees will need to:

make significant use of these special collections;
take up the award in the year for which it was granted, although some flexibility may be possible in the case of the 2012 Fellowship;
be in residence in Melbourne during the time of their fellowship;
make significant use of any of our special collections;
work at Monash University Clayton campus, where they will be provided with work space and access to networked computing facilities;
give a presentation on their work during the time of their fellowship; and
continue to be employed by their home institution while undertaking research at the Library.

Selection process

The Fellowship program is competitive and therefore the quality of the written application is of paramount importance.

Applications must be submitted using the official application form and should detail all requirements outlined in the guidelines, especially the specific materials they are most interested in working with from the collections. Applicants are urged to contact the relevant special collection librarian to clarify the match between their research interest and the Monash collections.

All applications will be evaluated and ranked by a selection committee. Applications will be assessed against applicant’s achievements, publications, the strength of the project proposal and the possibility of mutually beneficial outcomes. The committee will determine the number and size of grants based on the evaluation of the applications received.
More information

Specific questions about the Fellowship requirements or selection process can be directed to Peter Mathews.