16 Aug 2012: Launch of “New South Wales: a Global Destination for the World of Business”

Speaking last night at the launch of the publication “New South Wales: a Global Destination for the World of Business” H.E. David Daly, Ambassador of the European Union to Australia, congratulated the NSW Parliament on being the first state legislature in Australia to have an official Parliamentary Friends of the European Union group.

Stressing the importance of the importance of NSW as a destination for European business, Ambassador Daly said “Sydney is rightly world famous for its natural beauty, its temperate climate and wonderful beaches, a quality cuisine that represents virtually every corner of the world, its rich diverse culture; the list goes on and on.  From Lismore, Armidale and Newcastle, down to Wollongong, Yass and Wagga Wagga, and out to Dubbo, Bourke and beyond, this is a rich and diverse State. NSW is renowned as a business and financial centre. Europeans certainly know this as evidenced by the large number of European companies and investment centred here.”

Mr Daly also emphasised the importance of research exchanges between Europe and Australia, and didn’t sidestep the subject on everyone’s mind: Europe’s sovereign debt and banking crisis. “We are indeed at a defining moment – for the European economy and for European integration.  During the past two and a half years, the European Union has enacted important financial, fiscal and structural reforms. However, amidst ongoing tensions the economic recovery remains at risk.” said Ambassador Daly, but concluded on a positive note: “The EU’s short existence of some 60 years has been littered by crises which led many commentators to predict its imminent demise. They were not right then, and they are not right now.”

The full speech can be read on the Delegation’s website