Conferences and seminars in European Philosophy

Listed below are the activities of the Research Unit in European Philosophy (RUEP) for Semester 1 2012. Further information can be obtained from Professor Andrew Benjamin.


Reading Seminar on Schelling’s The Philosophy of Art

The Research Unit in European Philosophy (RUEP) will hold a reading seminar on Schelling’sThe Philosophy of Art. The group will be lead by Dr Mildred Galland-Szymkowiak (CNRS Paris/RUEP Monash) and Professor Andrew Benjamin (RUEP Monash).

The Seminar will be held on March 7,14,21 and 28. It will meet from 3.00-4.30 in Building T, Room 2.27 on the Caulfield Campus. The edition to be used is F.W.J Schelling The Philosophy of Art. Minnesota University Press. (A few copies have been ordered for the bookshop.) For further information contact Professor Andrew Benjamin (

Workshop on Post-Kantian German Philosophy

The Workshop will be a joint undertaking by the RUEP and the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung. The Workshop will be held on March 15-16.

Speakers include. Professor Paul Redding (Philosophy/University of Sydney), Dr Vanessa Lemm (Philosophy/University of New South Wales), Dr Alison Ross (RUEP/Monash), Professor Christoph Jamme (Philosophy/ University of Lueneburg), Professor Jeffery Malpas (Philosophy/University of Tasmania), Dr Jean-Philippe Deranty (Philosophy/Macquarie University), Dr Mildred Galland-Szymkowiak (CNRS Paris/RUEP Monash).

The Workshop will start at 3.00 pm on March 15 and continue throughout the day on March 16. It will be held in Building A Room A1.34 on the Caulfield Campus. A programme will be available in a few weeks. For further information contact Professor Andrew Benjamin (

May 2

Jean Amery and the Jewish Tradition of Conscious Pariahdom

Magdalena Zolkos

Magdalena Zolkos is a Senior Research Fellow in Political Theory at the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at the University of Western Sydney. Her research interests are in memory studies, literary trauma theory, continental philosophy, and radical democratic theory.

She is the author of Reconciling Community and Subjective Life: Trauma Narrative as Political Theorizing (Continuum 2010), and editor of On Jean Amery: Philosophy of Catastrophe (Lexington 2011).

  • Wednesday 2nd March, 3-5pm
  • Building T, Room 2.27, Monash Caulfield Campus
May 9

Ethical Life and Second Nature: the Role of Habit in Hegel’s Social and Political Philosophy

Simon Lumsden

Simon Lumsden is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of New South Wales. He works on German Idealism, Phenomenology and Poststructuralism. His current research interests are concerned with the problem of experience in Hegel’s thought.

He is currently completing a manuscript concerned with the development of self-consciousness in German Idealism and the critique of the subject in Heidegger and Poststructuralism.

  • Wednesday 9th March, 3-5pm
  • Building T, Room 2.27, Monash Caulfield Campus