Volume 17 Number 1 – November 2015

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Eras vol 17 no 1

American Civil War 150th Anniversary Supplement

Front Matter

Stephen Joyce Editorial


Jenny Smith The Rebellious Monk Gottschalk of Orbais: Defining Heresy in a Medieval Debate on Predestination
Clare Diamond Connoisseurship in a Globalised Art Market: Reconciling Approaches to Authenticity
Tal Meretz The Faith Healer’s Pledge: How early Mormons Captured Audiences
Stuart Dawson Redeeming Fitzpatrick: Ned Kelly and the Fitzpatrick Incident
Anthea Skinner The Recruiting and Training of Apprentice Musicians in the Australian Military in the 1950s


Gwyn McClelland Ground Zero, Nagasaki: Stories (Review Essay) 
Book Reviews

American Civil War Supplement

Darren Dobson & Kathleen Shaw Editorial
Darren Dobson “A House Divided”: Understanding Southerners’ Dislike for Abraham Lincoln
David P. Hopkins, Jr “The Course Pursued by the President”: Michigan Soldiers Respond to the Emancipation Proclamation (1863)
Cicily Tiernan ‘Burying the Shackles’: The impact of racial violence on free black labour in the Reconstructed South (1865-1877)
Book Reviews