Music & Metamorphosis Special Edition – October 2014

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Eras Music & Metamorphosis Special Edition – Full Volume

Front Matter

Patricia Alessi, Louise Devenish & Stephanie Rocke Editorial & Acknowledgements


Geoffroy Colson A Fresh Approach to Transculturation in Contemporary Music in Tahiti
Emma Di Marco Australian Made: The Creation of New Australian Classical Saxophone Music
Zubin Kanga Not Music Yet: Graphic Notation as a Catalyst for Collaborative Metamorphosis
Stephanie Rocke Blending the Sacred and the Profane: Paul Chihara’s Missa Carminum (1975)
Kevin C. Schattenkirk Matthew Shepard, Music and Social Justice: Discourse on the Relationship Between Homophobic Violence and Anti-Gay Sentiment In Two Performative Contexts
Javier A. Silva-Zurita Music and Cultural Identity: an Ethnically-based Music Program in a Mapuche-Pewenche School
Toby Wren Talking in Tongues: Negotiating Archetypal Models for Musical Development in Intercultural Music Making