Edition Two – November 2001

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Edition Two Editorial



Catherine Armstrong


Some Representations of America and Their Diffusion in Elizabethan England: O Strange New World Reassessed

Wayne Geerling


Protecting the National Community From Juvenile Delinquency: Nazification of Juvenile Criminal Law in the Third Reich

Chris Ivanes


Romania: A Kidnapped Revolution and the History of A Pseudo- Transition

Elaine McKay


The Diary Network in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century England

Rachel Taylor


Primo Levi: Waving or Drowning?
Survivor Archetypes in Representations of the Holocaust




Anthony Bidgood


Review of The Russian Revolution, by Rex A. Wade

Robert Crawford


Review of The Uses of Art: Constructing Australian Identities, by Lisanne Gibson.

Anna Stevens


Review ofThe Survey of Memphis II. Kom Rabi’a: the New Kingdom and Post-New Kingdom Objects, by Lisa Giddy.