Edition Twelve, Issue 2 – March 2011

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Stephanie Rocke Edition Twelve Issue 2 Editorial


(Jenny) Juhyung Cho Abstract Ideological competition between the United States and China in the field of human rights: Consequences for Chinese diplomacy
Liam Connell Abstract ‘A Great or Notorious Liar’: Katherine Harrison and her Neighbours, Wethersfield, Connecticut, 1668 – 1670
Daniel Fazio Abstract The North Korean Security Threat: An Historical Context and Current Policy Options
Mark McCulloch Abstract The Union of Consumer Cooperatives and the SED’s Embryonic Educational and Ideological Systems in the Soviet Occupied Zone of Germany, 1945-1949
Jonathan Murphy Abstract ‘Peace in Our Time’: Constructing parallels between Britain’s failure to appease Hitler and British policy towards Republican dissidents in Northern Ireland
Kialee Nyiayaana Abstract From University Campuses to Villages: A Study of Grassroots-based Cult Violence in Ogoniland
Jon Peterson Abstract Peace Through Strength or Strength Through Peace? The Reagan Administration and the Nuclear Freeze Movement in 1982


James Gill Anna Wodzińska, A Manual of Egyptian Pottery, by Anna Wodzińska (4 Volumes) (2009/2010)