Edition Twelve, Issue 1 – December 2010

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Stephanie Rocke Edition Twelve Issue 1 Editorial


Suzette Blom Abstract Jews, Divorce and the French Revolution
Alyn Hine Abstract The Influence of Russian Literature in Two Twentieth Century Arabic Periodicals
Dahlia Martin Abstract Identity Politics and Young-Adult Malaysian Muslims
Stanislav Sýkora Abstract George Washington and the Classical Virtues
Adam Timmins Abstract Normal and Extraordinary History? Thomas Kuhn and Historiography


John D’Alton Fred Donner, Muhammed and the Believers at the Origins of Islam (2010)

John D’Alton

Marc Ferro, (trans. Steven Rendall), Resentment in history (2010)

Darren Dobson Roland Perry, The Australian Light Horse: The magnificent Australian force and its decisive victories in Arabia in World War I (2009)
Darren Dobson

Daniel E. Sutherland, A Savage Conflict: The Decisive Role of Guerrillas in the American Civil War (2009)

Caroline Hubschmann

G. P. F. Broekman, R. J. Demarée and O. E. Kaper, eds., The Libyan Period in Egypt (2009)

Caroline Hubschmann Jan Krzysztof Winnicki, Late Egypt and her Neighbours. Foreign Population in Egypt in the First millennium BC (2009)
Caroline Lieffers Herbert Sussman, Victorian Technology: Invention, Innovation, and the Rise of the Machine (2009)
Lisa Mawdsley Laurel Bestock, The Development of Royal Funerary Cult at Abydos: Two Funerary Enclosures from the Reign of Aha(2009)