Edition Six – November 2004

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Kate Murphy


Edition Six Editorial



Randy Anderson


Applying Anticipated Mobility to Sedentism Analysis of Pre-Hongshan Cultures in North-East China

Kavita Ayer


‘Poor Choices’: Cicero, Tony Abbott and the Agency of Poverty

Tyler Boulware


‘A dangerous sett of horse-thieves and vangrants’: Outlaws of the Southern Frontier During the Revolutionary Era

Rebecca Carnighan Abstract Somewhere between Literature and Eschatology: The Genre of Romantic Realism
Rhiannon Donaldson Abstract Revisiting a ‘well-worn theme’: the duality of the Australian Christmas Pudding 1850-1950
Catie Gilchrist Abstract

Space, Sexuality and Convict Resistance in Van Diemen’s Land: the limits of repression?

Jonathan Hogg


The Ambiguity of Intellectual Engagement: Towards a Reassessment of Isaiah Berlin’s Legacy

Meighen Katz Abstract ‘A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum’: The Redefinition of the Modern Museum
Edward Llewellyn-Jones Abstract Bishop Larraín and his relationship to Liberation Theology
Jessie Mitchell


‘Country Belonging to Me’: Land and Labour on Aboriginal Missions and Protectorate Stations, 1830-1850

Brian Noell


Race in Late-Antique Egypt: Moses the Black and Authentic Historical Voice

Gerardo Papalia


Imaginary Colonies: Fascist Views of Australia in Italian Diplomatic correspondence 1922-1940



Luke Cambridge


Review of Alexander the Great: Historical
Sources in Translation
 by Waldemar Heckel and J.C. Yardley

Clare Corbould


Review of Slavery and Emancipation by Rick
Halpern and Enrico Dal Lago (eds)

Nick Dyrenfurth


Review of Car Wars: How the Car Won our Hearts and Conquered our Cities by Graeme Davison

Kathy Lothian


Review of The President of Good & Evil: The Ethics of George W. Bush by Peter Singer

Amanda McLeod


Review of Allan Fels: A Portrait of Power by Fred Brenchley

David O’Brien   Review of The Rise of Western Christendom: Triumph and Diversity, AD 200-1000 by Peter Brown

Barbara Russell


Review of History After Apartheid: Visual Culture and Public Memory in a Democratic South Africa by Annie E. Coombs

Paul Sendziuk


Review of Imperial Hygiene: A Critical History of Colonialism, Nationalism and Public Health by Alison Bashford

Tristan Taylor


Review of The Age of Augustus by Werner Eck

Blanca Tovias


Review of The Aztecs by Michael E. Smith

Craig Turnball


Review of American Environmental History by Louis S. Warren

Peter Woodruff


Review of The Incas by Pamela Kyle Crossley