Edition Seven – November 2005

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Nick Dyrenfurth


Edition Seven Editorial



David Davis


Regarding Men: The insuffiency of the current early modern witchcraft paradigm

Arie Dubnov


Liberal or Zionist? Ambiguity or Ambivalence?: Reply to Jonathan Hogg
Meredith Lake


Western heritage, Asian destiny: the Australian Council of Churches’ activity in Asia, 1950-1965

David McBride  

American Nativism and Common Misperceptions: How the Displaced Persons Issue Influenced America’s Palestine Policy, 1945-1948

Evan Smith Abstract

“Fighting oppression wherever it exists”: the Communist Party of Great Britain and struggle against racism, 1962-1981

Yannick Thoraval Abstract

Broad Appeal: How Pearl Harbor and September 11 Helped Locate the Essence Of American National Identity

André J. Veldmeijer


Archaeologically attested cordage: Terminology on the basis of the material from Ptolemaic and Roman Berenike (Egyptian Red Sea coast)



Jamie Agland


A Concise Companion to the Restoration and Eighteenth Centuryby Cynthia Wall (ed.)

Peter Barrer


History and National Destiny: Ethnosymbolism and its Critics by Montserrat Guibernau and John Hutchinson (eds)

Rachel Buchanan


A Concise History of New Zealand by Philippa Mein Smith

Julian Droogan


When Faiths Collide by Martin E. Marty

Nick Dyrenfurth


God Under Howard: the rise of the religious right in Australian Politicsby Marion Maddox

Lachlan Grant   Review Essay: Australian Prisoners of War in the Pacific

Amanda Hale


North American Archaeology by Timothy R. Pauketat and Diana DiPaolo Loren (eds)

Fred Hardtke


Desert Peoples: Archaeological Perspectives by Peter Veth, Michael Smith and Peter Hiscock

Meighen Katz


Yesterday’s Tomorrows: The Powerhouse Museum and Its Precursors 1880-2005 by Graeme Davison and Kimberly Webber (eds)

Kathy Lothian


The Greeks in Australia by Anastasios Myrodis Tamis

Judy McNicoll


A Brief History of Death by Douglas J. Davies

Josie Monro


When Gossips Meet: Women, Family, and Neighbourhood in Early Modern England by Bernard Capp

Simon Sleight


Babes in the Bush: The Making of an Australian Image by Kim Torney

Ben Suelzle


The Origins of War: Violence in Prehistory by Jean Guilaine and Jean Zammit

Ashten Warfe


African Archaeology: A Critical Introduction by Ann Brower Stahl (ed.)