Edition One – June 2001

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Edition One Editorial



Greg Burgess


Into the Protecting Arms: The League of Nations and the Extension of International Assistance to Unprotected Persons in the Middle East and Europe, 1926 – 1928.

Deborah Harris


Defining Genocide: Defining History?

Stephen Powell


‘Why Misguided Humans Have Attempted to Make their Homes in it is More than I can Comprehend’: Francis Ratcliffe’s First Impressions of Australia.




Kerri Neumann


Review of Akhenaten and the Religion of Light; Translated from the German by David Lorton, by Erik Hornung.

Seamus Scorgie


Review of The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt, Edited by Ian Shaw

Paul Sendziuk


Review of Living Out Loud: A History of Gay and Lesbian Activism in Australia, Sydney, by Graham Willett