Volume 15 – March 2014

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Natasha Amendola Edition Fifteen Editorial


Natasha Amendola  Abstract Praise for Female Deceptiveness: Boccaccio’s Penelope
Susan Mooney  Abstract ” … not only a genius, he was a man”: William Morris and Manliness


John D’Alton Burke, Peter. A Social History of Knowledge, Vol II: From the Encyclopedie to Wikipedia. (2012)
John D’Alton Liebeschuetz, J.H.W.G, Ambrose and John Chrysostom: Clerics between Desert and Empire. (2011)
John D’Alton Nordbruch, Götz, Nazism in Syria and Lebanon: The Ambivalence of the German Option, 1933-1945. (2011)
John D’Alton Thomas, Tom (ed.), The Honshu Pioneer: The U.S Occupation of Japan and the First G.I. Newspaper. (2013)
Stephen Joyce Dey, Hendrick W., The Aurelian Wall and the Refashioning of Imperial Rome AD 271-855. (2011)
Polly Zavadivker Jockusch, Laura, Collect and Record!: Jewish Holocaust Documentation in Early Postwar Europe. (2012)

Reflective Piece

Stephanie Rocke The Misery of Measurement: Humanities and the Loss of Mystery

Edition Fifteen editors and committee members