Edition Eleven – December 2009

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James Gill
Marianna Stylianou
  Edition Eleven Editorial


Thomas Barker Abstract Pulling the Spanish out of the ‘Christian Century’: Re-evaluating Spanish–Japanese relations during the seventeenth century
Sharon Harrison Abstract The boundaries of knowing: Female nurses and ‘medicalised killing’ at the Landesheil- und Pflegeanstalt Eichberg
David Robinson Abstract Renamo, Malawi and the struggle to succeed Banda: Assessing theories of Malawian intervention in the Mozambican Civil War
Seth Schermerhorn Abstract Secularisation by the ‘sacred’?: Discourses of ‘religion’ and the San Francisco Peaks
Sara Sumpter Abstract The Shôkyû version of the Kitano Tenjin engi emaki: A brief introduction to its content and function


James Gill Greek Documentary Papyri from Ptolemaic Egypt by Csaba A. La’da

James Gill

Stones and Quarries in Ancient Egypt by Rosemarie Klemm and Dietrich D. Klemm

James Gill

Ptolemaic and Roman Terracottas from Egypt by Donald M. Bailey

Bridget Harris

A History of Murder: Personal Violence in Europe from the Middle Ages to the Present by Pieter Spierenburg

Emmeline Healey &
James Gill

A Day in Pompeii (Exhibition), Museum Victoria, Melbourne

Caroline Hubschmann

Unearthing Ancient Egypt: Fifty years of Czech Archaeological exploration in Egypt by Miroslav Verner and Hana Benesovská

Sarah Imhoff

Sephardic Jews in America: A Diasporic History by Aviva Ben-Ur

Linden Lyons

The Third Reich at War: How the Nazis Led Germany from Conquest to Disaster by Richard J. Evans

Chloe Okoli

Captain Cook was here by Maria Nugent

Peter Price

Presbyterians in Colonial Victoria by Malcolm Wood

Stephanie Rocke

Derrida, An Egyptian: On the problem of the Jewish Pyramid by Peter Sloterdijk

Stephanie Rocke

Peace: A World History by Antony Adolf

Marianna Stylianou

Flesh and Blood: Organ Transplantation and Blood Transfusion in Twentieth-Century America by Susan Lederer

Ben Suelzle

Between Two Worlds: The Frontier Region between Ancient Nubia and Egypt 3700 BC – 500 AD by Laszlo Torok