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Opinion and Discussion Forum

Eras intends to provide a discussion forum for postgraduates and academics from around the world to discuss issues that arise from the papers in this edition. To facilitate this we have provided links at the bottom of each article which will allow the reader to respond. These responses will be mediated by the Eras editorial committee and will then be available for general perusal on the “Discussion” page. A link to this page can always be found on the side navigation bar. We hope that you will take the opportunity to offer constructive comments and participate in the discussion of this new postgraduate research.

Since 2005, we have sought opinion pieces from postgraduate students around the world. These opinion pieces seek to expand the scope of Eras and encourage postgraduate students to engage in vigorous intellectual and wider public debate with a particular interest in connecting the concerns of the past with the context and debates of the present. We hope you enjoy this modest beginning and hope that it will prompt both an immediate response and plentiful future contributions.

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