• Project Update – October 2013

    The Emotional Experiences of Early Parenthood in Australian Families project is in its final month of interviewing. So far we have talked to 33 people from Melbourne and regional Victoria about their experiences of having or adopting a baby, and early parenthood.

    In this first update we introduce the people we have interviewed so far – future updates will be about our preliminary findings.

    Our group of parents includes 25 women and seven men (18-48 years of age). There are seven single parents, two young parents (under 20), and two older parents (over 40 when they had their first child).

    Two people we spoke to are in same-sex relationships (one male, one female), and nine people used IVF or surrogacy or adopted.  Five of the parents we have interviewed have twins.

    Nine people migrated to Australia (from the UK, NZ, central Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa), and five are living in regional Victoria.

    Ten people were diagnosed with or thought they had experienced perinatal depression, while several others had experienced significant distress but did not see it as perinatal depression. A further five had experienced depression or anxiety before becoming parents.

    A huge thanks to all who have participated so far, and to everyone who has helped us spread the word and find people! We still have another 15 or so interviews to go and will post an update about the overall group once we have finished.

    Please visit our site again soon for some of our findings . Our next project update will be on experiences of starting a family and conceiving.

    You can also find us on Facebook – just look up Emotional Experiences of Early Parenthood in Australian families.

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