• The Emotional Experiences of Early Parenthood in Australian Families website has been live as of 1 October 2014 on Healthtalk Australia. Full of information about the emotional journey to parenthood and illustrated by over 300 short but compelling video, audio and written clips from 45 parents’ interviews, the site is aimed at anyone who is expecting a ... Read more
    • The Emotional Experiences of Early Parenthood in Australian Families project was featured on Life Matters (Radio National), as part of a talkback discussion called “So, you’re going to be a dad”. Project Research Associate Kate Johnston-Ataata was one of four guests on the program, which revolved around the re-publication of a book by the same title ... Read more
    • Project Update – June 2014 Delivery of materials to website production team In mid-June our researchers delivered the core content of the website to our website production team – 335 video, audio and written clips from 45 interviews, 33 ‘talking points’ or thematic summaries, and profiles of each of the 45 men and women we talked to. Talking points ... Read more
    • Project Update – January 2014 Women’s experiences of early pregnancy Following our last update about participants’ experiences of starting a family and conceiving, here we share some of our findings about women’s experiences of early pregnancy – in particular finding out about a pregnancy, and anxiety about the baby’s health. Of our 36 female participants, one woman adopted her ... Read more
    • Project Update – November 2013 Starting a family and experiences of conceiving This is our first update in which we provide some preliminary findings from our interviews (we now have 47 participants from across Victoria and NSW). We start at the beginning of the journey – deciding to have a child, and conceiving. Most of our participants began their ... Read more
    • Project Update – October 2013 The Emotional Experiences of Early Parenthood in Australian Families project is in its final month of interviewing. So far we have talked to 33 people from Melbourne and regional Victoria about their experiences of having or adopting a baby, and early parenthood. In this first update we introduce the people we have ... Read more