Undergraduate Studies

The undergraduate course of English as an International Language offers both a practical and theoretical understanding of the use of English for international communication.

The range of units offered in the course assists students who wish to widen their knowledge of the use of English around the globe, for local as well as international purposes. This course encourages the students’ personal language development while not directly focusing on the teaching of English language skills. During the course students engage in a critical and evaluative approach to the study of the functions of English in a global context through lectures, seminars and interaction with other students in a range of projects and activities.

English as an International Language is a three year undergraduate major sequence plus the option of a fourth year Honours offered by the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics in the Faculty of Arts at Monash University.

Completion of either first and second year units or second and third year units forms a minor sequence in the Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Students may take one or two subjects of EIL as an elective at any level in the Arts degree. The undergraduate units of EIL do not have any prerequisites.

Graduating students have the option of continuing their academic studies towards a Master of English as an International Language, and eventually PhD in EIL.

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Course Structure

For course structure information, please see the English as an International Language – Undergraduate Area of Study handbook entry.