Honours Coordinator

Prof. Farzad Sharifian
Room W312
Phone: 9905 1281
Email: Farzad.Sharifian@monash.edu


Through an extended study of the cultural, social, and functional perspectives of English as an International Language, students will be able to further develop a range of communicative skills and interactive abilities. The overall aim of each of the subjects within the program is to provide the opportunity for bilingual and multilingual speakers to develop strategies for effective communication in English discourse through the study of both critical and cultural aspects of English as an International Language. The ability to understand meaning in terms of cultural construct is important for bilingual and multilingual speakers for it is the ability to understand the meaning structures of those from diverse cultural backgrounds within the language situation. It includes understanding and being able to respond to the influences produced by different cultural and social expectations from those of the speaker. Bilingual and multilingual speakers of English also need to develop their skills in critical literacy through the development of strategies of participation and negotiation of meaning that fulfils the expectations of the context without disempowering the speakers. The program develops knowledge of both practical strategies for successful communication and a theoretical foundation for understanding the construction of meaning within a diverse range of linguistic and cultural environments.

The course consists of two x 12 point subjects that examine the relationship between language, culture and their social interaction from a variety of communicative contexts. It also includes the development of a minor thesis (12,000 words) which equals 24 points. The thesis subject includes a short methodology subject as an introduction to thesis development (Assessment for the Methodology: Written: 1500 word literature review, 1500 word position paper, Oral: seminar presentation, 1000 word equivalent).

Course structure

See the English as an International Language – Honours Area of Study handbook entry for information about the Classical Studies course structure when undertaking an Honours degree of Bachelor of Arts.

For general information about Honours, including entry requrements, see the Honours degree of Batchelor of Arts handbook entry.