Welcome from the Transition Coordinator – Damien Williams

Dr Damien Williams Transition Coordinator

Dr Damien Williams
Transition Coordinator

Hello and welcome to the Arts Faculty.  As Transition coordinator it is my job to help with your entry into the university environment.

Whether joining us directly from school or have taken some time out; whether you are following a tradition or are the first in your family to attend university; whether you live around the corner or are joining us from afar, we offer a range of programs and are happy to provide guidance to help you settle in.

The Arts Faculty is a vibrant and diverse Faculty attracting a vast range of students. Although it won’t be possible for me to meet you all personally, I hope you will be part of one of our programs (see below) and that you will get in touch if you have any questions or difficulties.  Take a moment to look over these pages, and make the most of your year!

Arts Transition Programs

First in the Family

The Arts First in the Family is a program for Arts students who are the first in their family of their generation to attend University … read more

Peers Ambassadors Leaders Program (PAL Program)

The PAL program is designed for Arts students who want to connect more widely with the university community in ways that will benefit themselves and others. 

It is open to all Arts students from Clayton and Caulfield campus and offers a tier for every step of you University journey. 

PAL Snap Shot







 Inspirational and engaging, the program offers professional training in peer support, teamwork and leadership. You’ll learn new skills and discover how they can be applied to everyday situations, why employers value them and how they can be used to make a difference.  The possibilities are endless!…. read more


Student Testimonials

James Carey

Current Bachelor of Arts student

 I remember my first week at Monash University extremely well.  As I came from a rather large High School graduating year, I wasn’t overawed with the amount of people around, however the thing that always got me was finding my way around.  I vividly remember walking into the B building, at Caulfield, and mixing up the room number.  I wandered around the building for about 15 minutes, before finding the right room.  The same thing happened to me at Clayton, as I wasn’t able to find my way around the Menzies building at all.

What made it a lot easier for me, was after a week or so, finding a couple of friends in each area that I was studying, and being able to follow them to class.

The Arts Transition Program has allowed me, as a mentor, to pass on some of these tips to the students I have mentored, which have helped them get to class, get involved, and more importantly, make some friendships.  I initially joined the program to help illustrate why making lasting friendships is so important to university success, as those friendships helped me literally find my way

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