PAL (Peers Ambassadors Leaders) Program

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PAL is a three year sequence that is designed for undergraduate students studying for a degree or double degree through the Faculty of Arts at Caulfield and Clayton.

The PAL program offers you the chance to engage with the university community, to support fellow students, develop your teamwork skills and transform your leadership capacities.

First year students (Peers/Mentees)

First-year students enter the program as Peers.   As Peers, you will be assigned a student mentor who will help navigate your transition.   You will be invited to social events, and encouraged to get involved in a number of transition activities… read more

Second and third year students (Ambassadors/Mentors)

Second and third year students are Ambassadors within the program.  Ambassadors act as mentors to first-year students, and receive training in leadership, mental-health awareness and communication skills. Ambassadors are eligible for enrollment in that passport unit, ENP1008 Faculty of Arts Ambassador Leadership Mentoring Program.  This is a 0-point unit that recognises the contribution made by Ambassadors…read more

Third year students (Leaders)

Third year students after a competitive application process, are selected as Leaders.  Leaders are given extra training in leadership, and work closely with the Transition coordinator to direct and manage the PAL program…read more

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