First in the Family Program

Image 13The Arts First in the Family is a program for Arts students who are the first of their generation to attend University.   

Being the first in your family is something to be truly proud of.

The First in the Family Program is here to support you, help you make new friends and give you a head start towards achieving your dreams.

What does the First in Family Program offer?

Who is eligible for the First in the Family Program?

  • students with parents or guardians who did not complete post secondary education.
  • students with sibling(s) who have attended post secondary institutions, but your parents or guardians did not.

Interested in joining

If you would like to join the program, please email the arts transition team at with your name, student number and contact details (Subject:  Registration First in the Family)

Student Testimonials

Erin Zillmann

Current Bachelor of Arts student

 When I received an email informing me about the First in the Family network, I didn’t hesitate to accept. While I slipped into uni life fairly easily (due to participating in the Enhancement Studies Program in year 12) I found that coming from a rural area where very few attend university meant that I had a different perspective and different problems than the majority of people I met. Most people found it harder to adjust to university life itself, but my main problem was that my family and friends from my home town didn’t understand what it involved. In fact some viewed higher education as completely useless.

Participating in the First in the Family network put me in contact with other students that had similar experiences, and a staff member who knew what it was like and could give that extra support that we may have been lacking. In particular, my mentor discussed with us the true value of an Arts degree, the skills we had learned and the kind of fields Arts graduates can go into which I found incredibly valuable.

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