The Faculty of Arts, Dean’s Sessional Commendations, Semester 2, 2012.

The Faculty is delighted to publish recipients of the Faculty of Arts Dean’s Sessional Commendations for Semester 2, 2012.

The Dean’s Sessional Commendations recognize innovation & excellence in pedagogy and outstanding support for students during the semester.  The recipients have been nominated by their schools.

Congratulations to: 

  • Eugene Chua – for outstanding contribution to teaching of ATS2498 Contemporary Fiction – (SASS)
  • Bridget Harris – for outstanding contribution to teaching of ATS1294 The Criminal Justice Process & ATS2/3472 Crime & Violence:  Rural, Regional and Urban Communities (SAMSS)
  • Courtney Leigh – for outstanding contribution to teaching of Australian Physical Environments (GES)
  • Fairleigh Gilmour – for outstanding contribution to teaching of ATS2457/ATS3457 Crime and the Media (PSI)
  • Juan Sanin – for outstanding contribution to teaching of APG4400/5400 Issues in International Communication (JAIS)
  • Luke Bancroft – for outstanding contribution to teaching of ATS1317 Renaissance Europe (SoPHIS)
  • Ben Robertson – for outstanding contribution to teaching of Chief Music Study (Music) 

The Faculty congratulates the recipients on their fine achievement and thanks them for their contribution to the Faculty. 

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