Media Studies Postgraduate Research Forum

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    Date(s) - 26 Aug 2013
    3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

    Room T2.26, Monash Caulfield Campus

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    Presented by the Research Unit in Media Studies (RUMS)

    Supermarket Patriotism: Making Australia at Woolworths and Coles

    by Juan Sanin

    In 2012, Woolworths and Coles launched their “Australia’s Fresh Food People” and “Helping Australia Grow” advertising campaigns. Although the use of nationalistic motifs in advertising has a long history, in these campaigns nationalism is adopted not only as mean of promotion, but as a corporate ideology by which supermarkets assume a nationalistic agenda and advance it in the marketplace. This paper develops the notion of “supermarket patriotism” to approach this phenomenon and examines it from the perspective of material culture, exploring how nationalism becomes tangible in everyday life.

    Juan Sanin is a PhD candidate in the Film, Media and Communication Studies program at Monash. His research looks at “commercial nationalism” in Australia from the perspective of material culture, and examines the role of supermarkets, bread spreads, holiday pictures and other cultural artefacts in the construction of Australianness.

    What Are You Doing Here? The Politics of Race and Belonging at the Airport

    by Sunshine Kamaloni

    This paper offers an ideological and experiential analysis of the airport as a space. This analysis is framed within a discussion of how race is mapped onto the airport landscape. The airport is a space of globalised exchanges, migration, proximity, boundaries, control, people/body processing, policing and surveillance. I argue that these contrasting elements are what create the airport as an ambiguous space, and this ambiguity flows into our embodied experience of the space. It further comments on levels of fear and anxiety in an increasingly globalised world – the fear and anxiety exhibited at the airport is particularly over illegality and foreignness, and is indicative of larger societal issues when it comes to race and the Other.

    Sunshine Kamaloni is a doctoral candidate in the Film, Media and Communication Studies program at Monash. Her research interrogates the mechanisms that sustain the continuity of race in the 21st century with a particular focus on the intersection of spatial practices, racialisation, embodiment and experiential reflection.