Timetabling and Class Attendance Information

Obtaining your Timetable

After enrolling into your unit/s, you will need to organise your personal timetable. Students are expected to attend all scheduled activities for their units so you will need think about how to balance class attendance with all your other activities (including work commitments).

You should refer to the ‘Timetables’ section on the ‘Monash get started’ site if you are new to the process.

On the Timetables website you will find information to help you including the following topics:

  • How timetabling works
  • Class Timetable – view timetabled activities of all units
  • Allocate+ viewing and preference entry of your personal timetable
  • Activity Clashes – what to do in the event of clashing activities.
  • MULO (Monash University Lectures Online) – Arts owned units that are being recorded (A full list of units will be available by orientation week)
  • Allocate+ help – Ask.monash form for any timetable requests (eg force clashes with a lecture, requesting a class swap)

Class Attendance

The Faculty of Arts has a standard minimum attendance requirement for scheduled teaching activities of 75% as a part of each unit, i.e. attendance at teaching activities in 9 weeks in an ordinary 12-week teaching semester.

Failing to meet these requirements will result in either mark deductions or failure of the unit.

Please refer to the Arts Teaching activity attendance procedures for full details.

Where appropriate, you can seek Special Consideration for missed classes.

Students are expected to be on time to all classes.

Lectures do not have a mandatory attendance requirement, and the majority of Arts units (lectures and/or seminars) will be available online through MULO.