Expanding research paradigms: new Digital Humanities unit available at Monash Arts

Are you interested in learning about cutting edge digital research and interdisciplinary collaboration approaches in the Humanities?

Digital Humanities expands research paradigms by bringing together traditional Arts study and computational technologies and techniques. The Digital Humanities is an interdisciplinary endeavour driven by collaboration across disparate areas, working on common problems and subjects, and it is transformative in more than one way.

Explore and visualise data in new and innovative ways

In the new Digital Humanities unit you will find out about the range of available tools, and how increasingly easy it is to access and make use of them. Learn to use these new tools and build your confidence with IT.

Expand your ideas about what research can be

You will work collaboratively with a student cohort from across the globe, and as part of your assessment you will contribute something to the world of Digital Humanities research.

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