Arts Field Trips

Discovery – Experience – Learning

Field trips provide Monash Arts students the opportunity to leave the four walls of the classroom and participate in experiential learning by visiting museums, industry partners, and relevant geographical areas.

Field trips are a part of the following Arts units and students need to be enrolled in the unit to participate.  Some field trips are compulsory which will be indicated in the Handbook entry for the unit.  Please see the Unit Guide for further information.

Loch Ard Gorge

Semester 1 2017

APG5068 Creative cities (Melbourne)
APG5389 Tourism industry and marketing (Sydney)
ATS1044, ATS1045, ATS2122, ATS2123, ATS3136, ATS3137 Music Jazz Camp (Healesville, Victoria)
ATS1259 Exploring contemporary Australia: People, events, ideas (Tasmania or Melbourne)
ATS2547 Cities and sustainability (Melbourne)
ATS2625 Mobile Worlds: Borders, displacement and belonging (Melbourne)

Semester 2 2017 

Information for the Semester 2 2017 Field Trips will be available soon

APG5018 Celebrity, fashion, publicity
APG5230 Ecosystems and Environmental Management
APG5609 Sustainable tourism development and planning
APG5720 Cultural tourism and events management
APG5752 Field trip in media and communications
APG5782 Film festival study tour
ATS1044, ATS1045, ATS2122, ATS2123, ATS3136, ATS3137 Popular Voice Camp
ATS1259 Exploring contemporary Australia: People, events, ideas
ATS1309 The global challenge
ATS3391 A world of sport: Business, politics and media
ATS2385 Anzac legends: Australians at war

Steps to participate in a Field Trip –
  1. Enrol in one of the above units (which has a Field Trip component) via WES
  2. If the field trip is optional, register your interest via the Field Trip Expression of Interest  form via Moodle.
  3. If the field trip is compulsory, complete and submit the Medical information and Talent Consent form (Field Trip) (Google form) via Moodle.
  4. Pay the fees associated with the field trip via the Monash University eCart (linked to Moodle).