The Australian and New Zealand Critical Criminology Conference

The Australian and New Zealand Critical Criminology Conference is a biannual event.



Conference Archive

The 8th Australian and New Zealand Critical Criminology Conference 2014

Critical Criminology: Research Praxis and Social Transformation in a Global Era?
Thursday 4th – Friday 5th December 2014
Presented by Monash University
Monash Law Chambers, 555 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria (Australia)

This conference brought together academics, cross-sector stakeholders, legal practitioners, advocates, activists and students to reflect and renew discussions about the status and future of Critical Criminology.

The conference considered the unique and important place of Critical Criminology, with a particular focus on the multi-level barriers that impact on transformative research agendas and collaborations in the current social, political and economic climate.

The conference streams included:
  • Re-theorizing Punishment’s Borders and Boundaries
  • Movements against State and Corporate Harm
  • Seeking Real Access to Justice
  • The Prospects of, and Limits Placed Upon, Transformative Justice
  • Campaigns for Justice
  • Surveillance and the Technologies of Control
  • From Theory to Praxis: Challenges in Critical Criminology

The conference preferenced papers that reflect these streams and examine questions such as: What are the changing roles played by values and power in the current climate? How might we facilitate praxis through new and interdisciplinary forms of research and teaching? In what ways can we better target our research to facilitate systemic social transformation? How can we align academic research with projects and movements for social change and to increase opportunities for building transnational solidarities?

Conference Organising Committee:

Dr Asher Flynn
Dr Bree Carlton
Ms Rachael Burgin
Ms Kate Burns
Ms Mary Iliadis