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The Criminology Major

What do I study in Criminology?
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The Monash Criminology major is internationally renowned for its global focus on crimes that cause widespread measurable harm including crimes and social harms perpetrated by states and organisations, during war and conflict and in transitional societies. Monash criminologists are researching and producing new empirical and theoretical knowledge- setting the agenda for local, national and international responses to issues of crime that impact large numbers of people. The Criminology Major engages directly with these issues, examining offending, victimisation, policing, punishment and criminal law and practice in diverse ways. Students encounter these issues as they manifest in various ways in relation to topics that impact all of us directly and indirectly, such as: sexual violence, gender violence, human trafficking, homicide law, organised crime, deaths in custody, rehabilitation, imprisonment and post-imprisonment, policing, state and corporate crime, campaigns for justice, terrorism, border policing, the political economy of crime and punishment, and law reform. The Criminology Major does so through concern for key relationships between security and risk, policing and intelligence, vulnerability and human rights, marginalisation and harm.

Monash Criminology produces graduates who, via our expert, research-led program, develop unique knowledge and a versatile skill set. Throughout the major, you will investigate various perspectives and methodological approaches, and develop the capacity for critical and innovative thinking and practical skills. These skills ensure that Monash Criminology graduates build careers across local, national and international criminal justice, within government and non government organisations. A Major in Criminology opens the door to a wide array of fascinating and rewarding careers, that can be used to actively help improve communities and society.

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On completing the major you will be able to:

  • Identify key historical and contemporary local, national and international justice issues
  • Identify and apply major explanations for criminal behaviour and theories of crime
  • Understand the development and role of criminal justice institutions, criminal law and processes in the production and response of crime.
  • Understand and analyse historical and contemporary traditions of policing and punishment;
  • Critically analyse social construction of crime
  • Understand continuums of crime and social harm
  • Apply historical and contemporary criminological analyses of gender, risk, culture, victimisation and race
  • Recognise contemporary manifestations and interrogations of crime and harm focused on the state and corporations
  • Generate evidence-based empirical and theoretical knowledge in the examination of issues of crime and justice
  • Analyse, synthesise and effectively communicate to a range of audiences
  • Undertake integrated criminological research

Based on extensive interaction with criminal justice and non government organisations the Criminology Major equips students for the practical application of criminological knowledge in criminal justice policy and practice, preparing students to work locally and internationally in limiting crime and harm, leading innovative responses within and outside of formal justice systems.

NB: Full unit entry details are in the Handbook.

First Semester 2016

Clayton/Caulfield Campus
ATS1281 Understanding Crime: An Introduction
ATS2056 Race, Crime and Difference (Cornerstone A)
ATS2469 Victims, Justice and the Law
ATS3004 Crime, Risk and Security (Capstone A)
ATS3462 Global Crime and Justice

Winter Semester 2016

Prato Campus, Italy
ATS2465 / 3465 Human Rights in a Criminal Justice Sphere
ATS2937 / 3937 Contemporary Issues in European Criminal Justice

Second Semester 2016

Clayton/Caulfield Campus
ATS1282 Criminal Justice: An Introduction
ATS2458 Crime, Control and Policing (Cornerstone B)
ATS2457 Crime, Media and Culture
ATS3459 Punishment, Power and Prisons (Capstone B)
ATS3466 Sex, Gender and Crime
ATS4699 Criminology Honours Coursework

Summer Semester A 2016

Clayton/Caulfield Campus
ATS3464 Study Tour: Comparative Criminology USA