The Monash Criminology Experience

Monash Criminology is strongly committed to working with our postgraduates to make the experience of research and writing at this level rewarding, challenging and exciting. Our postgraduates benefit from the extensive support and guidance offered within the Social & Political Sciences Graduate Research Program. They also benefit from the commitment of the criminology program which delivers a range of mentoring, supporting and socialising opportunities for our postgraduates, including the events highlighted below. 

Supporting Postgraduate Research: The annual research retreat

Each year Criminology holds a fully funded PhD retreat for all Criminology postgraduates attended by all supervising staff members. The retreat provides a focused time for postgraduates and staff to concentrate on developing research and writing, and to create an intellectually and socially supportive environment for postgraduate research. All those who attend benefit from the experience, as the feedback below captures:

‘It was a really valuable opportunity to get together with staff and other postgraduate students to share ideas and provide feedback for one another. It is such an important part of the PhD journey to get feedback and contributions from others about one’s work, but also to develop skills in contributing to others’.

‘What a fabulous experience that was! I think the benefits of having done so in such a gorgeous, informal setting will really help me to get through the hard yards that lie ahead… I feel that the support I will have as I move through the PhD has been quadrupled – that’s a very nice feeling’.

‘Thank-you! The PhD retreat is… so beneficial to all of us, regardless of whether we started our PhD’s one week or two years ago’.

Supporting Postgraduate Research: Reading Groups

We have a Criminology reading group that brings together staff and postgraduates once a month to focus on one reading, selected by a postgraduate student. These are informal gathering that encourage intellectual discussion and the development of ideas and understanding for all who attend- staff are a part of this group and do not lead the or direct the discussion. There are also a number of specialist reading groups that our postgraduate cohort run independently to support each other and build specific expertise and deep reading in areas where there are a number of intersecting research projects.


Supporting Postgraduate Research: Master Classes

Every year Monash Criminology hosts national and international leading Criminology researchers as Visiting Scholars. We coordinate specialised Masterclasses to offer to our postgraduate students that are facilitated by these experts. These Masterclasses aim to enhance the development of our postgraduate students, to enable them to begin building their Criminology networks and to broaden their opportunity to learn from a range of experts about research and publishing.