Researching Borders HDR Masterclass at Monash Prato

Under the leadership of Associate Professor Marie Segrave, The Border Crossing Observatory, in partnership with Border Criminologies (Oxford Centre for Criminology) hosted a three day Masterclass for HDR border researchers from universities around the world at the Monash Prato Centre from September 25-27. The focus of the Masterclass was to develop a piece for publication, taken from the HDR students’ research with face to face guidance and feedback provided by an assigned academic mentor with expertise in border criminology.

The workshop was divided into a number of sessions including seminars, mentorship and personal writing time. The seminars, delivered by our academic mentors, allowed for group interaction, discussion and considerations of relevant borders theory and methods as well as advice and suggestions for publication development. Equal amount of time was allowed for dedicated writing practice each day as we progressed our publications as well as time for one on one mentorship from our assigned academic mentors to assist in the development of our publications.

The workshop was incredibly valuable to HDR students and mentors alike as a means of networking, engaging with and developing each other’s work and ideas. The Monash Centre at Prato was a perfect and inspired location to encourage our focus and creative energies in developing a piece for publication. Further it allowed for the HDR students to established new connections with each other as contemporaries as well as forging meaningful connections and professional relationships with the established and esteemed academics in the field of border criminology research.

Fellow borders HDR students, join our newly established  facebook group here to network, discuss research and share knowledge.