Monash Criminology publishes widely to contribute new knowledge and critical commentary on key issues. Below are recent publications by staff and postgraduate students, individual staff profiles provide more details.

Recent journal articles

Ham, J., & Gerard, A. (2013). Strategic in/visibility: Does agency make sex workers invisible? Criminology and Criminal Justice, 14(3): 298-313.

Pickering, S. (2014) Floating carceral spaces: Border enforcement and gender on the high seas, Punishment and Society, 16(2),  pp. 187-205.

Gerard, A. & Pickering, S. (2014) Gender, securitization and transit: Refugee women and the journey to the EU, Journal Of Refugee Studies 27(3), pp. 338-359.

Pickering, S., Bosworth, M., Segrave, M. (2014) Guest editor introduction for special issue on ‘Borders, Gender and Punishment’, Punishment and Society 16(2) pp. 131-134.

Pickering, S & Ham, J. (2014) Hot pants at the border: dorting sex work from trafficking, British Journal Of Criminology 54(1), pp.2-19.

Recent media commentary

Carlton B & Segrave M (13 May 2014) Lifting the veil on the crisis in Victoria’s prisons The Conversation

Recent books

Pickering, S. and Ham, J. (eds.) (fOctober 2014) The Routledge Handbook on Crime and International MigrationRoutledge.

Professor Mary Bosworth (Monash University and Oxford University)  recently published Inside Immigration Detention (OUP) which was reviewed in the Times Higher Education Supplement as a “rigorous analysis of how immigration detention works from the inside” and a book that “challenges many assumptions that underpin migration policy and deserves a wide readership”.

Professor Jude McCulloch’s research focuses on state terror, state violence, state crime and crimes of the powerful. Professor McCulloch is co-editor with Dr Elizabeth Stanley of the book State Crime and Resistance (forthcoming 2013) by Routledge Cavendish, London. Professor McCulloch is also co-editor with Professor Sharon Pickering of the book Borders and Crime (2012) published by Palgrave Macmillan, USA.

Dr Anna Eriksson is currently working on a Australian Research Council DECRA project on comparative penology, where she will explore processes of ‘othering’ in the penal systems in Australia and Norway. In early 2013, she published, with John Pratt Contrasts in Punishment: An explanation of Anglophone excess and Nordic exceptionalism (Routledge). She is a Visiting Scholar at Orebro University, Sweden and Oxford University, England during 2013. She is also involved in research on children of prisoners, the Infringement system in Victoria, and crime and fear of crime on public transport.

Dr Bree Carlton and Dr Marie Segrave published, Women Exiting Prison: Critical Essays on Gender, Post-Release Support and Survival (Routledge), in May 2013. The collection includes contributions from world class scholars Kristin Bulmiller, Kathleen Kendall, Eileen Baldry, Kelly Hannah-Moffat and Foreword by Pat Carlen.

Dr Danielle Tyson undertakes research in the area of gendered violence, intimate partner homicide and related law reform, filicide in the context of separation and divorce, and youth, mobile technologies and gender politics. Her most recent publication is Sex, Culpability and the Defence of Provocation (Routledge) 2013.

Dr Claire Spivakovsky’s research focuses on the containment and control of ‘difference’ across the civil, administrative and criminal justice arenas and the impact this has on populations such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and people with cognitive impairments and/or mental illness. Claire’s first book, Racialized Correctional Governance: The Mutual Constructions of Race and Criminal Justice, was published in April 2013 as part of Ashgate Publishing’s Advances in Criminology Series.

Dr Asher Flynn and Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon (Monash Criminology alumni) published  A Second Chance for Justice: The Prosecutions of Gabe Watson for the Death of Tina Thomas (Cambridge Scholars Publishing) in 2012.

Dr Leanne Weber and Professor Sharon Pickering have developed international research expertise in the area of border contol, security, immigration and policing as detailed on the Border Observatory. They have most recently published Globalisation and Borders (Palgrave).

  • Associate Professor Leanne Weber has just published a new collection in the Routledge Rethinking Globalizations series entitled ‘Rethinking Border Control for a Globalizing World: A Preferred Future’. Containing chapters by leading thinkers from critical criminology, law and political theory, and featuring commentaries by Saskia Sassen, Rainer Bauböck and Nancy Wonders, the book uses an innovative ... Read more
  • Marie Segrave’s edited collection,  Human Trafficking (Ashgate) has just been published. It is one of four edited collections in the Ashgate Library of Essays on Transnational Crime (series editor, David Nelken). The other four titles address transnational Organised Crime, Transnational terrorism and Transnational Environmental Crime. Read more
  • Dr Claire Spivakovsky joined the School of Political and Social Inquiry as a Lecturer in Criminology in 2013. Claire has worked in the academic, community and government sectors developing a range of social justice projects. Claire’s first book, Racialized Correctional Governance: The Mutual Constructions of Race and Criminal Justice, is due to be published in April ... Read more
  • A Second Chance for Justice critically examines the legal responses to the death of Tina Thomas in October 2003, and the two subsequent prosecutions of her husband of eleven days, Gabe Watson, initially in Queensland, Australia in June 2009 (outcome: a negotiated guilty plea to manslaughter by criminal negligence) and then in Alabama, United States ... Read more
  • Why do some modern societies punish their offenders differently to others? Why are some more punitive and others more tolerant in their approach to offending and how can these differences be explained? Based on extensive historical analysis and fieldwork in the penal systems of England, Australia, New Zealand on the one hand, and Finland, Norway ... Read more
  • Dr Bree Carlton and Dr Marie Segrave’s forthcoming book, Women Exiting Prison: Critical Essays on Gender, Post-Release Support and Survival (Routledge), will be published in May 2013 and includes contributions from world class scholars Kristin Bulmiller, Kathleen Kendall, Eileen Baldry, Kelly Hannah-Moffat and Foreword by Pat Carlen. Read more
  • Criminology researcher, Dr Danielle Tyson, examines the controversial partial defence of provocation in her new book, Sex, Culpability and the Defence of Provocation (Routledge, 2013). The partial defence of provocation is one of the most controversial doctrines within the criminal law. It has long been said to operate as a classic apology for male violence against ... Read more
  • ANZ Critical Conference Proceedings 2009 In 2009 Monash Criminology hosted the annual Australia and New Zealand Critical Criminolgy Conference. The Critical Criminology Conference is an important annual forum that encourages diversity and breadth in the development of critical criminological research in Australia and New Zealand.  Over the course of two days over fifty papers were presented ... Read more
  • Two Criminology researchers, Dr Leanne Weber (Senior Research Fellow) and Professor Sharon Pickering, have recently published Globalization and Borders Death at the Global Frontier (Palgrave). Drawing on data from official sources, media reports and lists of deaths collated by non-governmental organizations in Europe, Australia and North America, this book draws direct parallels between the border ... Read more
  • Dr Paddy Rawlinson, Convenor of Criminology,  researches in the area of transnational and organised crime in the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe. Her book From Fear to Fraternity: A Russian Tale of Crime, Economy and Modernity was published by Pluto Press in 2010. Read more