Postgraduate Studies

Mary Illiadis & Rachael Burgin at the ANZSOC Postgraduate Conference 2014.
Mary Illiadis & Rachael Burgin, Criminology Postgraduate research students,  at the ANZSOC Postgraduate Conference 2014.

The team of researchers in Criminology at Monash are leaders in their field, changing the way we think about and do justice in every setting across local, national and international contexts. Monash criminologists are researching and producing new empirical and theoretical knowledge- setting the agenda for Criminology across a range of areas. The Criminology program attracts international and interstate Masters and Doctoral candidates resulting in a diverse group of young scholars working together as they pursue exciting new areas of research. Monash Criminology research covers a broad range of areas, as detailed on our current research page. The Criminology program invests in postgraduate research within our program and nationally.

Applications are particularly encouraged in the following areas:

  • Border Policing in the Asia Pacific (contact Assoc Prof Leanne Weber)
  • International crime and justice, private prisons and the ‘war on terror’ (contact Professor Jude McCulloch)
  • Imprisonment practices, policies and impacts (Dr Anna ErikssonDr Marie Segrave)
  • Restorative Justice, particularly in post-conflict societies (Dr Anna Eriksson)
  • Penal Reform and Alternatives to Incarceration (Dr Bree Carlton)
  • Social and legal responses to domestic violence, filicide or homicide 
  • Intimate partner violence, policing and law (Dr Marie Segrave)
  • Globalisation, human trafficking, exploitation of migrant labourers and border regulation ( Dr Marie Segrave)
  • Regulation of Sex / Sexual Offences / Offenders (contact Dr James Roffee)
  • Mental health, cognitive impairment, racialized populations and legally-hybrid mechanisms of punishment (contact Dr Claire Spivakovsky)
  • Cybercrime, co-production of security, restorative justice (espically in the Asia and Pacific region) (contact Dr Lennon Chang)
  • Transnational policing, crime and development, comparative criminology (contact Dr Jarrett Blaustein)

This program is offered at the MA (Masters) and PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) levels. The School of Social Sciences Graduate program is designed specifically to offer exceptional support to research candidates and the Criminology program is further enhanced by the School of Social Sciences Graduate Research coursework, a leading national program that provides support to postgraduate research students in the social sciences.


We welcome local and international applications- working within our current areas of research focus and other areas of Criminological research.
All information regarding applications, candidature and scholarships can be found at: Arts Research Graduate Studies.
For further information on postgraduate opportunities in Criminology at Monash please contact Postgraduate Co-ordinator,  Dr Lennon Chang.