The Criminology Program boasts a team of academics who are researching and teaching in cutting edge Criminology across a broad spectrum of areas. From imprisonment to borders to alternative justice mechanisms to gendered violence to policing and beyond. This team of scholars brings research expertise that stretches from the local to the global. As researchers and teachers, this is a unique and vibrant team of Criminologists who are contributing to the development of Criminological inquiry nationally and internationally.

mary-bosworth Professor Mary Bosworth
Room W4.22 Menzies Building

jmcculloch Professor Jude McCulloch
Room E4. 74 Menzies Building

no photo Dr Jarrett Blaustein

spickering Professor Sharon Pickering
Room E4.73 Menzies Building

bree carlton Dr Bree Carlton
Room W4.29 Menzies Building

Dr James Roffee Dr James Roffee
Room W4.04 Menzies Building

Dr Lennon Chang Dr Lennon Chang
Room E4.61 Menzies Building

msegrave Dr Marie Segrave
Room W4.21 Menzies Building

Dr Anna Eriksson Dr Anna Eriksson
Room W4.06 Menzies Building

Dr Claire Spivakovsky Dr Claire Spivakovsky
Room W4.27 Menzies Building

Kate Fitz-Gibbon Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon

Danielle Tyson Dr Danielle Tyson
Room E4.58 Menzies Building

asher-flynn Dr Asher Flynn
Room W4.17 Menzies Building

WeberPhotoMonash Associate Professor Leanne Weber
Room W4.12 Menzies Building

no photo Dr Debbie Kirkwood

sandra-walklate-01 Professor Sandra Walklate