Peace at the Border workshop, Prato Monash Centre May 20-21

This workshop convened by Dr Leanne Weber brought together critical border control researchers from Italy, Sweden, Britain, the Netherlands, USA and Australia to generate new thinking on border controls for a globalising world. Participants are each contributing chapters to an edited collection to be published next year in the Routledge Rethinking Globalisation series. They have agreed to take part in an innovative thought experiment which begins by imagining a ‘preferred future’ in which territorial borders still exist but the harsh and inequitable policies set up to defend them have been relaxed. The authors’ task is then to identify the conditions of possibility that could lead to this outcome. Dr Weber said: ‘By adopting this unique approach, the collection will stimulate new and creative thinking which can rise above the impossibilism that characterizes even critical policy thinking in this area. With the help of funding provided by the School of Political and Social Inquiry, the workshop provided an invaluable opportunity to consolidate the innovative methodology and inspire new thinking’.