New publication: Gender, Technology, Violence

Monash Criminology’s Assoc. Prof. Marie Segrave and Dr Laura Vitis (University of Liverpool) have just published Gender, Violence, Technology, an edited collection that brings together international scholars examining how digital technologies both create and sustain various forms of gendered violence and provide platforms for resistance and criminal justice intervention. The collection explores family violence (Maher, McCulloch & FitzGibbon), gendered cyberhate and feminist digilantism (Emma Jane), masculinity and digital media (Vitis and Gilmore), women and political violence (Bardel), the role of internet intermediaries (Pavan) and human trafficking via online technologies (Milivojevic & Segrave).

It has been described as:

 “the “go to” book for students, researchers, and activists seeking empirical and theoretical advances in the fields of gendered violence and victimization, and technology and crime. This exceptional compilation of readings by top scholars sets the stage for further research for years to come.” Marjorie Zatz, Professor of Sociology, University of California Merced, USA

“…an important and timely book with a fresh perspective and deep grasp of a growing problem in a world where technology is coming to shape our daily experiences of humanity.” Professor Kerry Carrington, Head of School of Justice, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

This volume is engaging, intellectually sophisticated, well researched and written. It will enrage and enlighten readers.” Mona J.E. Danner, Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, Old Dominion University, USA