Monash Criminology represented at Cinema Nova screening for Refugee Week

On Tuesday evening, Assoc. Prof Marie Segrave, from Monash Criminology andThe Border Crossing Observatory, was invited to be the Q&A guest following the screening of The Land Between, a documentary by David Fedele, at Cinema Nova. The film was screened as part of a week long refugee film festival hosted by the Refugee Council of Australia for Refugee Week.

The film offers a powerful insight into the daily struggles of migrants who are living in the mountains of northern Morocco, from where they can see the border wall of Melilla, a Spanish enclave on the African continent, which they aspire to cross. Many before them have done so successfully and have made it to the detention camps, while others have been sent back across the border and physically assaulted. The film documents life in the forest, but more significantly, lives in limbo and under threat: from the realities of mountain life and from mistreatment by authorities.

The film resonates with the work of the Border Crossing Observatory: it seeks to document the lives of irregular migrants and border crossings, it illuminates the lived experience of border regulation and it reminds us that there is much work we need to continue to do to illuminate the practices and experiences at global border frontiers.