Monash criminologists review progress on the first anniversary of the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence

Today marks one year since the publication of the Report and Recommendations of the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence.

On the first anniversary Monash criminologists Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Professor Jude McCulloch and Professor Sandra Walklate with Professor JaneMaree Maher (Sociology, Monash University) have written a piece on The Conversation examining successes and challenges 12 months on from the ground-breaking work of the Royal Commission.

The article, ‘Victoria leads the way on family violence, but Canberra needs to lift its game’, draws attention to the lack of a national commitment to funding related Commonwealth services and the ongoing challenges that this poses for the family violence sector.

This article builds on the work being undertaken by Jude, JaneMaree, Kate and Sandra as part of the Monash Gender and Family Violence Research Program. On the 7th April 2017, the program will host an event at the Victorian State Library with a panel of Victorian and national experts to examine the progress of government and community responses, the work still to be done and the challenges ahead. Click here for more details on that event.