Monash Arts and Education researchers play a part in reform of legal responses to ‘sexting’

Following the completion of the Parliament ofVictoria Law Reform Committee’s Call for Submissions for their Inquiry into Sexting on 15 June 2012, Dr Amy Dobson (Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research, School of Political and Social Inquiry, Faculty of Arts), Dr Mary Lou Rasmussen (Faculty of Education) and Dr Danielle Tyson (Criminology, School of Political and Social Inquiry, Faculty of Arts) were invited to attend and present to the Committee on this issue based on their submission document on Monday 10 December 2012. The transcripts of the hearing will be made available on the Parliament website early in 2013.

For a copy of their submission see:

Dr Amy Shields Dobson currently holds an Early Career Development Fellowship in Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research at Monash University. Her work focuses on youth and gender politics in digital communication practices and on social network sites. Dr Amy Shields Dobson, Dr Danielle Tyson Criminology (School of Political and Social Inquiry, Monash) and Dr Mary Lou Rasmusen Faculty of Education (Monash) are currently developing the project ‘Youth, mobile technologies and gender politics’, that examines young people’s beliefs about gender and ethical use of communication technologies. Dr Dobson is also currently working on a book about representations of femininity on social network sites in the post-feminist cultural context. Dr Tyson’s research interests and expertise lie in the area of gendered violence and intimate partner homicide, and she has just published, Sex, Culpability and the Defence of Provocation, (Routledge 2013). Dr Mary Lou Rasmussen’s principal research is in the area of sexualities, gender and education, and she is the author of Becoming Subjects: Sexualities and Secondary Schooling, (Routledge, 2006).