Marie Segrave co-edits human trafficking and forced labour special issue

tiles-trafficking-exploitationDr Marie Segrave, whose DECRA research is focused on irregular migrant labour, has co-edited, with Professor Nicola Piper, a Special Issue of Anti-Trafficking Review, focused on the issue of forced labour and human trafficking.
The editors put a call out for papers that engaged with the current tendency for the terms human trafficking, forced labour and slavery to be used interchangeably by policy makers, advocates, media and researchers alike. They have compiled a collection that seeks to explore the limits and impacts of the dynamic nature of a changing field and expansive terminology. The contributions to the special issue come from researchers and practitioners from Southeast Asia, Brazil, India, Italy, the United Kingdom and United States of America, and include pieces that consider how unionisation utilises the language of labour; how governments engage with supply chains; and identifying, naming and punishing exploitation. Generating a discussion of this nature is part of the broader aim and intention of the research agenda underpinning Marie’s DECRA research and the broader work she leads as part of the Border Crossing Observatory’s Trafficking and Labour Exploitation research agenda.