From England to Melbourne: Professor Tim Newburn delivers the 2017 Monash Criminological Horizons Lecture on ‘Riots’

On Wednesday July 19, Distinguished Visiting Scholar Professor Tim Newburn of the London School of Economics delivered the 2017 Criminological Horizons Lecture at the State Library of Victoria.

Professor Newburn spoke about his award-winning Reading the Riots project that he conducted in-partnership with the Guardian following the 2011 England Riots.

Drawing on this pioneering study, Professor Newburn spoke about the need for scholars, politicians and criminal justice practitioners to look beyond the immediate causes of riots and think about their long-term policy implications.

Following the lecture, our distinguished panellists Liana Buchanan (Commissioner for Children and Young People in Victoria), David Vincent (multicultural youth worker, author and social activist) and Lisa Ward (Deputy Chair of the Sentencing Advisory Council) each spoke about the aftermath of the 2016 Moomba ‘riot’ and how it has affected young people, the South Sudanese community, and the youth justice system in Victoria.

Listen to audio of the 2017 Monash Criminological Horizons Lecture